Lifestyle Session


Lifestyle Session



You pick up your little baby girl, only a few days old. You hold her tight to your chest, gently breathing in the smell of her hair. Her hand stretches out, tries to grab hold of you. Her skin is so smooth, it's like she was made out of velvet. Together you lie down on the bed and you begin to draw circles around her belly button. As I ask you to tuck your hair behind your ear, I walk over to the window to shift the curtains around and soften the light.

Gentle music is playing in the background, adding a calm and gentle atmosphere. Your other half comes in and joins you on the bed. Moments later, the sound of little steps follow. 
This is your photography session.


The details

The details



Lifestyle sessions last for about 1 hour, giving more than enough time for lots of snuggles and little plays. If you need to nurse during the session that's more than welcome, and I would love to capture that intimate moment if you're comfortable with me doing so.

session location

The lifestyle sessions are held in the relaxing space of your own home. You don't need to worry about everything being picture perfect and super tidy – part of having children is the chaos that follows. Just make sure you put away any dirty laundry or old wet wipes :-) 

phone consultation

Before your session we will have a quick 20-minute chat over the phone to get to know each other better. I will be asking lots of questions about you and your family as I want to begin setting the mood of the session during our chat – On the day of the session it should be like two good old friends meeting up! 

After the phone consultation I'll send over a checklist & welcome pdf covering the things you should think about before the session so you'll feel completely prepared and comfortable.

During the session

At different points throughout the session I'll be helping you create some special photographs by giving you simple and easy directions on where to stand or where to sit so you won't even have to think or worry about it at all. 

Little_Swedehearts_Photography (1 of 1)-5.jpg


The booking fee is £100 and non-refundable. It acts to secure your session date and includes the session itself, a 20-minute phone consultation and a secure online gallery for you to view your images. Please note; The booking fee is deducted from your final payment after the session.


1-2 weeks after your session I will send you a link to your very own, password-protected online viewing gallery filled with a variety of gorgeous photographs. You will have access to your gallery for 2 weeks, giving you lots of time to sit down and decide on your purchase once your little ones have gone to bed. 

From here, you will also be able to add extra images to your chosen collection if you wish. 

Little_Swedehearts_Photography (1 of 1)-6.jpg


After the order has been placed, and any outstanding balance settled, I’ll hand it over to my suppliers. All your items will be delivered to your home with recorded delivery. Most orders take 2-4 weeks in total, depending on product items.


When all is done and dusted I will ask for your honest thoughts and feedback. I love learning about things from my clients perspective and it hugely helps me continue to grow Little Swedehearts Photography


What If's

What If's

What if someone gets unwell?

If you or someone in your family gets unwell, please get in touch 48 hours in advance to reschedule your session or your session will be deemed cancelled. No refunds are given for cancellations – the booking fee will be kept as a loss of income compensation.

what if our children misbehave?

The truth is, if they're old enough to misbehave they probably will! At least at the beginning, until they've gotten used to me being there :-) With lifestyle photography there is not really any pressure on children to “perform” in any special way. It is more about spending time together, having fun and capturing those moments.

If/when a tantrum or meltdown happens, we’ll simply take a moment to calm down and get ourselves together before continuing the session. Not stressing the child is often key. And please, please don't get cross with your children! I've seen this too many times – when mummy or daddy gets cross, little bubba gets upset and it all ends in tears.

I don't feel  comfortable in front of a camera

(Me, neither! I almost always manage to pull a very strange smile whenever I'm consciously trying to 'look good' – it does not come natural!)

Being photographed is quite an intimate thing. That's why I want to make sure I get to know you as much as possible before and during our session by talking to you, laughing with you and asking questions about yourself, your family and what some of your favourite things in life are.

I also tend to gently direct the families that I work with, giving them suggestions of what to do and where to sit or stand, but most of the time I allow things to unfold naturally. When you are being relaxed in yourself and get used to me just snapping away, the pressure of “looking good” goes out the window and wonderfully organic family photographs are captured.


Six simple steps

Six simple steps


Pop me an email, introducing yourself and what it is you may be after; if you have a date in mind for example, or an ideal location. Any questions you have are more than welcome. 

Let's have a chat

Following up from your email, we will schedule in a 30 minute 'lets-get-to-know-each-other' phone consultation which will give us a chance to discuss the details of your session and, as the name suggests, really get to know each other. 


To secure your date you will need to sign the booking form and pay a session retainer. It's easy peasy and can all done online in under two minutes! Once your date is secured no one can get it but you :-)

Session day

I will come to your house and we'll start with a friendly chat to catch up. Although you and I have already talked on the phone, to your little ones I am a complete stranger and they will need a chance to get to know me too.


4 weeks after the session we will meet again! We'll sit down together, go through your finished gallery and discuss which collection you have decided to go for.

Includes a complimentary design consultation service for framing + displaying.

knock knock!

4 weeks after you have paid your order invoice, the items you selected will arrive at your door with a postman asking for your signature. I'll be in touch l to make sure everything is looking fantastic, and ask for your thoughts & feedback.


Let's Talk

Let's Talk


- have you got a minute? -

I should tell you, sessions are often booked 4 weeks or more in advance. To avoid disappointment, please make sure to indicate on the contact form when you would like to book your 'lets-get-to-know-eachother' phone consultation. Thank you!

Name *
Do you have an ideal date in mind?
Do you have an ideal date in mind?
Please note that sessions are booked 6 weeks or more in advance.
Phone consultations are carried out Tuesday-Friday between 9am-11am and usually take 30 minutes.