I believe..

I believe in a future where children can play and smile and laugh without a care in the world. Where they get to go to school, eat until their bellies pop and drink bucketloads of icy cold water. Where they have a place to call home, where they feel safe and loved and cared for. Not just in England but all across the globe.

I believe in a future where we who are able and willing come together to change the course of vulnerable and innocent children's lives. 

How I do this, happens to be through my photography. 

from the ground up

I am a big fan of charities! They literally centre their focus around people who are missing something essentialβ€”emotional + medical support, love, a home, clothes, food, education, clean waterβ€”and provides it for them. They dedicate all their time and resources to being there for those in need, physically and emotionally in a way most of us never could. 

I think that is very admirable, and to do what I can I devote a small percentage of my session bookings to these kinds of charities. So far I have worked with Save The Children UK, Vision Rescue India and am currently looking into fundraising for Guide Dogs - Children and young people's services (formerly Blind Children UK).

greener air

We all know about global warming. Even though mr. Trump seems to be of the opinion that it "isn't real", most of us have seen the devastating effects it's had on the Arctics. 

A few ways that I choose to minimise my environmental impact as a business is by using local suppliers, recycled and naturally sourced materials – linen instead of leather, cardboard instead of plastic. I also assemble a lot of my packaging and promotional materials myself, such as business cards and thank you cards, using reusable ink pads and rubber stamps on recycled paper.