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Adventure Session


Adventure Session


– A walk in the woods –

You get out of the car and draw a long, deep breath of fresh air. Around you is nothing but the sound of nature; a few birds singing, crickets chirping, the wind brushing through the leaves. The sun feels warm on your skin. You walk around the car and open the doors to the backseats where your children are waiting, looking extra beautiful today. They jump out, full of beans and excitement.

You have arrived at your photography session.


The details

The details



Sessions last for 90 minutes, give or take. Time and time again, this has proven to be the ideal length for children–Once they get going, they often spend a lot of their energy quite quickly and we don't want to keep pushing for photos once they get tired.

session location

Depending on which direction you're coming from I have lots of stunning locations across London, Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex to suggest! We'll discuss this along with session date and timings during your phone consultation.

phone consultation

Before your session you will have a 30-minute chat over the phone with me so we can get to know each other better. I will be asking lots of questions about you and your family so that on the day of the session it will be like two good old friends meeting up! 


Throughout the session I'll be guiding you to create very special photographs by giving you simple and easy directions on where to be, what to do and when to tuck your hair behind your ear so you won't have to think about those things at all. This will be interwoven with natural moments unfolding – so it won't all be directed either.

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The booking fee is £150 and non-refundable. It acts to secure your session date and includes your minute session,phone consultation and private in-home viewing appointment. Your booking fee will be deducted from your final invoice.


2 weeks after your session I will come over to your home to show you your finished gallery. We will go through the images together, discussing what you have decided to do with them and process the order then and there.


After the order has been placed, I’ll hand it over to my suppliers and all your items will be delivered to your home with recorded delivery. Most orders take 4 weeks, though albums may take up to 8 weeks. 


When all is done and dusted I will ask for your honest thoughts and feedback. I love learning about things from my clients perspective and it hugely helps me continue to grow Little Swedehearts Photography

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What If's

What If's

what if it rains?

During the days leading up to your session I will be keeping an eye on the weather forecast. A little bit of drizzle won’t stop us from going ahead but if the weather is torrential we may have to move the session to another day, subject to availability.

What if someone gets unwell?

If you or someone in your family gets unwell, please let me know 48 hours in advance to reschedule your session or your session will be deemed cancelled. No refunds are given for cancellations.

what if our children misbehave?

If they're old enough to misbehave, they probably will! Honestly, the best approach is just to let it happen but not make a big deal out of it. If we need to take a moment, we will take a moment. A family lifestyle session is about capturing real life in a beautiful way – spending time together and being genuine with each other.

i sometimes feel insecure in front of a camera

It is my belief that insecurity in front of a camera comes from the feeling of 'I need to look good/natural but I don't know how to'. It can build a lot of pressure and make you feel nervous about being photographed. But hey, all that I need of you is a willingness to participate and hanging out with your family. Leave the worrying at home that day! That's the beauty of lifestyle photography. 

When you book a session, you will gain access to The Inner Circle – a whole page filled with helpful things that will be sure to settle any concerns. And remember, it is my job to make sure you look good. I promise that you will not have to look into the camera with a plastered smile, squeezing out a stringy cheese through clenched teeth. If you've made it this far down my website, you should know that I am not that kind of photographer.


Six simple steps

Six simple steps


Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page, introducing yourself and letting me know if you have a date in mind for example, or an ideal location. Any questions you may have are also more than welcome. 

Let's have a chat

Replying to your email, I will confirm a time to arrange a phone consultation with you. That will give us a chance to get to know each other better, and discuss a suitable date & time for your session.


Sign the booking form (with T&C's attached) and pay the booking fee invoice to secure your date. Once your date is secured no one can get it but you :-)

Arrive at your session

I will meet you at our pre-arranged meeting point and we'll have a friendly chat and introduction. Although you and I have already chatted on the phone, to your children I am a complete stranger and they will need a chance to get to know me too.


2 weeks after the session I'll come over to your home*. We will have a cup of tea and go through your finished gallery on my laptop. We'll discuss what you want to do with your photos and look at sample products.

knock knock!

4-8 weeks after you have paid your order invoice, the items you purchased will arrive at your door. I'll send you an email to make sure everything is looking fantastic, and ask for your thoughts & feedback.


*If you would prefer, you also have the option to gain access to your very own, private & secure online viewing gallery instead. From there you'll be able to add your pre-purchased collection and add any extra images to your order if you wish. 

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Let's Talk

Let's Talk


- have you got a minute or 60480? -

Sessions are booked 6 weeks or more in advance. To avoid disappointment, please make sure to indicate on the contact form when you would like your phone consultation. Thank you!

Name *
Do you have an ideal date in mind?
Do you have an ideal date in mind?
Please note that sessions are booked 6 weeks or more in advance.
Phone consultations are carried out Tuesday-Friday between 9am-11am and usually take 30 minutes.