Hello, Lovely

let's fill your days with sunshine


Hello, Lovely

let's fill your days with sunshine


– AUTHENTIC family photography –

This is real, in-the-moment family lifestyle photography. Serving Putney & Guildford with surrounding areas. Come join me on an adventure!

"Childhood is a once-in-a lifetime experience..
the days may seem long but the years go fast." 


What to expect

What to expect



Your family, captured “through the keyhole”. As if though someone took a memory of yours and made it into a photograph. Relaxed. Real. Beautiful. Filled with emotion. A photograph that told a tale of love, laughter and intimacy. 

Focusing on journalistic style photography I limit the number of posed and staged photographs, trying instead to highlight the in-between moments.


Take a deep breath. You have nothing to worry about. Even if you think that you hate having your photo taken.

By the time you meet me for the first time, I will feel like a friend of yours. One you could sit down and have a glass of wine with, share stories and talk about that one time when you found your child chomping on a snail in the garden.

That is the type of relationship I'm going for. Because that allows for the most intimate types of images. Ones that you'll love and cherish forever. Ones that speak of a beauty not defined by magazines, but defined by experiences and real life moments.


I understand. You want to treat yourself to something beautiful. Because, damn right, mamahood is hard work and you deserve something that is going to last for years and years, always reminding you of your happiest moments. Something worth investing in.

My framed prints represent simplicity, quality and sustainability. I work with British suppliers and to minimise my carbon footprint I have chosen naturally sourced materials—cardboard and recycled paper packaging instead of plastic.


Meet Anna

Meet Anna

Little_Swedehearts_Photography (1 of 1).jpg

hi, i'm anna

I photograph family life. I’ve been doing this since the summer after 8th grade when I secretly "borrowed" my dads little two-button silver camera and he eventually stopped asking for it back. 

I am massively in love with both nature and bed cuddles, and the peace and calm it gives my soul. Hopefully it has the same effect on my families and acts as a welcome breath of fresh air, a peaceful break from their busy lives filled with teething, phonetics, baby music classes, lack of sleep and cold cups of coffee. The kind of stuff that gives them grey hairs sometimes.

My dream is to accomplish happiness in peoples lives. Both in the most obvious sense and in the less thought of ways, too. It brings me a lot of joy placing photographs in the hands of mums and dads who will later place those same photographs in the hands of their grandchildren, knowing that a small percentage went to something good.


Pick your session

Pick your session


If you are a mama with a big bump waiting to pop, or if your bump popped a little while ago, this is the ideal session for you and your family. It is a relaxed thing, full of intimate and playful moments taking place in the comfort of your own home. Prepare to spend some serious quality time with those little pink toes!


Tired of chasing your toddlers around the house? Why not let them run free for a change! Enjoy an afternoon immersing yourselves into the beautiful outdoors—not just any old park but a truly stunning, rural  'off the path' place where we won't be interrupted by other people. You may find yourselves in fields where the green grass stands tall or on beaches where the ocean is a deep blue.  


Kind Words



Kind Words



– what other families think –

These are the words of some of my fantastic, stunningly beautiful and super lovely families that I've had the honour to photograph.

Family Photographer Wimbledon

very pleased and impressed

We loved the photoshoot and have finally got some of the prints framed and up on the wall. We are very pleased and impressed by not only the album but also your presentation of it all. Everyone we show the album to is impressed! Thank you so much! What a fantastic book of memories to have. We’ll be sure to recommend you to our friends and family.

Many thanks again,
Eleanor and Tim


such special photos

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for taking such beautiful photos of our family. My dad was absolutely thrilled with the photos! Both he and my mum were over the moon to have a picture of all the children and sisters together – they’re such special photos and will be treasured by my parents. Thank you SO much – you’ve got such a talent!”

Clare x


Exceptional talent

Thank you for these photos, they are AMAZING!! You have an exceptional talent. Huge thanks from us all. They will look stunning when we put them up around the house, constant memories of a happy day. 

Caroline and Vassos x


Made me feel truly special

Anna was great with the whole family and made us all feel very much at ease so the shoot never felt staged at all. The resulting photos were just stunning–The photographs made me feel truly special. Anna captured our daughter in the most beautiful and natural way and her calm manner very much came across in the photographs. Would highly recommend Anna for any family.

Thank you Anna 



Everything is amazing

Anna - you really are amazing!!! We absolutely LOVE the prints!!! You, the photos, everything is amazing!! 

Harriet x

Family Photoshoot Isabella Plantation

the most beautiful thing I have ever seen

Hi Anna. Thanks for dropping off the pictures yesterday. They are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. You have captured their beauty so well. I am so happy with them!



everyone said how lovely they were

Thanks, Anna. The photographs are gorgeous. I had a couple on display at E’s party at the weekend and everyone said how lovely they were. 

Thank you!


Family Photographer Richmond Park

I just love how natural they are

Oh Anna, these are just GORGEOUS!!! I love love love them!! I get all teary looking at these, I just love how natural they are. Anna you are so talented and have captured the girls and their personalities so well. I cannot tell you just how much I LOVE the photos. I just feel like everyone should get pictures from you!

Thank you so so so much!

Little_Swedehearts_Photography (55 of 64).jpg

They are gorgeous

Oh my goodness the photographs are gorgeous and captures their personalities so beautifully!!! 

Thank you SO much xx


Family Photographer Wimbledon

the most incredible ability to capture their personality

Anna the photographs are absolutely incredible! I’ve been showing my husband, parents and aunt and uncle on holiday – we all adore them!! Thank you so so much for such a wonderful opportunity, you have the most incredible ability to capture their personality with only having met them that morning! Thank you thank you so so much, you’re amazing!


Family Photoshoot Nonsuch Park

we had about 57 “favourites”!

Anna, the images are simply stunning. As we went through them, we had about 57 “favourites”! It’s been so difficult to choose just a few as they’re all so wonderful. They are fantastic images which capture the natural craziness of our life with three toddler boys!!!  You really are so very talented and we appreciate all your incredibly hard work.  Thank you again, your experience and natural talent is worth every single penny.

All the best,
Joanna and Jeroen

Tearing up

Anna, thank you so much! I was tearing up as soon as I played the photo slide  (damn those mum hormones!) and I love the photos, they are awesome.



Beautifully crafted prints

Anna is a wonderful photographer and her prints are beautifully crafted. She was wonderful with my children and very patient. I would recommend her to all my friends!



Get Connected

Get Connected


- have you got a minute? -

I should tell you, sessions are often booked 4 weeks or more in advance. To avoid disappointment, please make sure to indicate on the contact form when you would like to book your 'lets-get-to-know-eachother' phone consultation. Thank you!

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Do you have a favourite date in mind?
Please note that sessions are often booked 4 weeks or more in advance.
Phone consultations are carried out Tuesday-Friday between 9am-11am and usually take 30 minutes.


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